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Lacrosse - Girls Varsity
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Lowell Lacrosse 2020

Lowell's inaugural lacrosse season! 

Hi everyone!  Thanks to a group of seniors who started a lacrosse club last year and Athletic Director Ray for submitting the petition for an official team, Lowell will be fielding its first ever girls lacrosse team this spring.    I look forward to coaching the team and have been very impressed with the enthusiasm and commitment I have already seen from the players I've had a chance to meet.  

I have been coaching for five years with Riptide lacrosse, but this is my first year coaching for SFUSD.   While I am still learning how things work at the high school level, I wanted to share what the plans are at this point.

Practices will be Monday-Friday from 3:45-5:15PM --- Once daylight savings time kicks in we might adjust this a bit.   Practices will be held on the grass field behind the school.



As much as I would like to have everyone who wants to participate be on the team, I will have to limit the team to somewhere between 20 and 30 players.   For those who don’t make it and who are still interested in playing, I will see what I can do to offer some sort of clinics during the spring to get you ready for next year.  I will also let you know of any summer programs that are available.  

If you are interested in attending tryouts and you have not received an email from me already, please let me know by sending an email to ken_holmes@yahoo.com.  I am keeping an email distribution list and some additional tryouts info here:  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1PBetoa6uN24Ph6qmt3_ekPuITwsFir7oK0VHhelL2s8/edit


January 13th – Please have your forms completed by this date.  You can’t participate in tryouts without having these completed. The forms required are here: https://lowellathletics.olinesports.com/links.php.   If you have them scanned you can email to me (ken_holmes@yahoo.com), otherwise let me know when you have the forms completed and I will make arrangements to pick them up. Please send me all of the forms even if you have submitted them to another coach for another sport this school year.

January 27th – 30th – tryouts.    In order to balance the numbers I will split the assessments into three groups on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.   Thursday is a contingency day right now in case of weather or other conflicts.  Will let everyone know the results by end of school day Friday.


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